give your parents a standing ovation!

Non-Profit 501(C)(3)



Journey with a family thrust into transition when their Matriarch becomes ill. Will they stand strong or will the reality of caring for their Mother tear them apart?

                 SHOWTIME: May 5, 2018  2pm

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                              (Group discount 10+)

                SHOWTIME: May 5, 2018 7pm

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                       (Group discount 10+)

Welcome To GYPASO Productions

GYPASO Productions 501(C)(3) was started by Dr. Gybrilla Ballard Blakes using her past experience as a Caregiver for her elderly parents. As a result, she wrote and self-published her book 'Give Your Parents A Standing Ovation!' which then became a hit stage play in the Washington, DC area. 

Dr. Ballard Blakes seeks to use the funds generated from her non-profit to give our community a voice by assisting aspiring authors in getting their work published; assisting aspiring thespians to achieve greatness through their art form; and by working in the community via various events to raise awareness of issues often overlooked and under served. 

GYPASO, LLC is dedicated to its community and spreading awareness surrounding issues often overlooked and under served. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected] 

Call Us Now: 202.740.7741

Words From Our Guest

I would highly recommend this stage play to family, friends, or co-workers and actually would not mind seeing it again!

Dr. Theriot DuBose